My Chocolate Love Affair

I’d always considered myself a chocoholic

And proudly so. It was my thing. 

However, in 2010 that I attended a chocolate appreciation event, tasting eight exceptional chocolates, and had my eyes opened and my mind blown. I was shocked to realise I hadn’t been a chocoholic after all, I’d been a Cadbury-aholic. One who occassionally dabbled in (what I learnt) where other mediocre brands, thinking they were special. 


On my first trip to Belgium I discovered a well known and expensive Belgian brand, and proudly purchased a stash of chocolate and with that claimed my bragging rights that I was ‘the’ connoisseur of chocolate, and knew my stuff. 


Alas, I didn’t know my stuff, nor good chocolate; and I’m embarrassed to say the over-priced (albeit beautifully packaged) Belgian chocolate I raved about was - and still is - rather ordinary. 


That’s hard to answer. It’s like coming up with a checklist of why you love your partner or best friend - it’s something that resonates deep inside that words can never capture. But I’ll give it a go…


  • I love the history - it's been revered since early Meso-American times; and maybe it’s hard wired into human DNA to appreciate this prescious food of the Gods.

  • I love the alchemy of creating beautiful chocolate . Did you know the cocoa bean has no flavour to start with and it’s a series of processing steps (fermentation, roasting, conhcing etc) that imparts flavour?

  • There’s a childlike happiness where I feel wrapped up and warm in a blanket of chocolate flavour, entangled with a very adult happiness of refined indulgence and the ritual of experience.

  • With quality chocolate, I love the discovery element of diverse and nuanced flavour, in the same way people experience whisky, wine and coffee.


And I love to share my love of chocolate.


It took me a long time to navigate life where I accepted this can be my thing - that being a chocolate expert can be a job - and I need to send a huge thank you to every person over the years who told me they got swept up in my enthusiasm and felt they were taken on a journey of discovery whenever I talked chocolate - because it was seeing this response time and time again, and realising I kept coming back to this one driving force, that I took the plunge and launched Fiamma Life to share my passion for chocolate, and other experiences (because I also ‘deal’ in amazing whisky, stunning cheeses and all things Italy and Italian food). 

The Best Chocoalte Range in Australia

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