4 Considerations For The Perfect Gift

Buying gifts is hard!

Finding the perfect gift - one that makes the right impression - requires you to have all the gift giving planets aligned. Which, when you break them down, there are four common considerations we all go through in pursuit of the perfect gift, irrespective of whether you’re sending corporate gifts, or something special to a person in your life.

1. Find Something Unique

The first thing is to find something unique that will make your recipient feel appreciated.

Gifting something memorable is the best way to make someone feel special; it tells them they appreciated, and you value them to be as unique as the gift you have sent. Think about the gifts you have received, and invariably it will be the unique gifts – whether big or small – that have made the biggest impact. Conversely, at the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve all received generic gifts – yet another bottle of wine for example. The problem is unless the wine, or similar, is of outstanding quality, or carries a special story/memory you share – this type of generic gift will be quickly forgotten, mindlessly shoved into the kitchen cupboard; and you’ve missed the opportunity to make an impact with your gift.

2. Then There's Quality

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been the recipient of a cheap gift and it’s never a great experience, and it can be awkward - for both the recipient and the gift giver. Certainly, I’ve been brought up to appreciate a gesture, and always do; but a cheap looking or tasting gift never truly resonates, irrespective of how much we appreciate the gesture. This is further complicated, because in the corporate and/or hamper space, it is not uncommon that you pay a high-quality price, but it translates into a poor-quality gift.

To get around this, look for a business that prides itself on quality and can clearly demonstrate why their product is a cut above the rest. Often this means sourcing from a specialist provider. Think about it like a restaurant - if a venue serves Italian, Peruvian, Chinese and American cuisine, most of us are immediately suspicious it's not doing any of these well. The same applies to the gift world, specialisation typically lends itself to the qualities of unique, boutique and quality. When we gift, the objective is to achieve a deep and genuine connection and this often achieved by introducing someone to a new brand, a new product, a new experience, a level of quality they haven’t experienced and/or something they can’t justify buying themselves.

Which doesn’t mean quality has to be expensive. It can be a small gift of exceptional quality; or maybe the quality is defined by something you share together – for example, your friend may love making pizza, and you gift them an impossible to find bag of Italian pizza flour. It’s small, it doesn’t cost much – but it achieves both quality and connection.

3. The Most Meaningful Gifts Are Personal

And often the most special thing about a gift is that moment of personalisation that ensures the recipient feels your appreciation. Humans are hard wired for connection and recognition, and we’re familiar with these factors quoted in work-based performance and motivation studies – but connection and recognition resonate in all aspects of life and they particularly drive high quality relationships - again, whether that’s in a corporate stakeholder context, or someone you love. And the important part, quality relationships are a critical component of every happiness metric; and if you’re not personalising your gift, you miss an opportunity to further connect and build on a relationship you value.

4. But Who Has Time?

Sure, this is all fine and good, but who has time to trawl through shops - online or physical – in search of that perfect gift, trying to find something that is unique, of quality and also personal…? Trust and confidence are king to save you time.

One option of course is recommendation and reviews, although also look for companies that demonstrate a true passion for what they do, and as previously mentioned, that can articulate why their product is special. To be frank, if you want to make an impact, a generic company is not going to cut it. Look for a company - big or small - that specialises and is passionate about that specialisation, because it's this passion that is going to come through in the gift and connect with your recipient.

That's Where Fiamma Comes In

We developed our Chocolate Gift Experiences to not only make gifting easy, but meaningful – whether you’re sending 40 corporate gifts, or just one personal gift. If you want to know more about how we help you align those gift giving planets and achieve the perfect gift, read on; and if nothing else it will give you a feel of what qualities to look for in the gifting world to nail that perfect gift.

About Our Gift Experiences

The word ‘experience’ is intentional – because what you’re sending is special. It is no ordinary ‘chocolate hamper’ (in fact, you’ll never hear us use this term) because it’s more than that – you’re gifting a truly unique, immersive experience.

We start with the world’s best chocolate, probably the best chocolate you've ever eaten.

For context, our passion is to bring the experience of exceptional chocolate to everyone. All our chocolate is boutique and made from the finest cocoa, but to give you an idea of what this means in real terms, our chocolate is within the top 10% of chocolate produced globally - at least. Some is even made from the top 0.001% of beans.

So we’re taking the best of the best, which is why it’s vastly different to almost all of the chocolate on the market, and hence a new experience for most people.

If you want to know more about why such a small percentage of chocolate (<10%) is exceptional, read here.)

It needs to be more than just exceptional chocolate – but an experience at every level.

Have you received a gift hamper? Was it wrapped in a cheap basket with cellophane? Or a boring brown mailer box. Or maybe it was beautifully presented, but the food itself was underwhelming despite the packaging? That’s not what we’re about - and there is not an inch of cellophane is sight!

From the moment you receive one of our gifts, it becomes a tactile experience that engages the five senses. It starts at the very first interaction - with a fine to the touch mailer bag, and when opened, inside a beautiful quality gift box. Then, there is the process of unwrapping and unfolding you will delight in; and finally, you discover exceptional chocolate - with beautifully designed tasting cards to guide you through the art of chocolate immersion.

We go to a lot of effort to curate this experience and create a sense of anticipation and delight – because with every touch point of quality and experience, your recipient is reminded of your appreciation.

The most meaningful gifts are personal, so with full Chocolate Gift Experiences, we give you the option to include a personal note, which we handwrite on beautiful paper and include within a matching envelope to heighten the experience with your personal words.

Finally, we make this easy for you. Simply order online, or get in touch; and we’ll make every element of the process easy, so you can get on with life, knowing that you’ve sent something memorable that will be appreciated and remembered – the perfect gifting experience.

Want to know more? Head to our online store or get in contact at hello@fiamma.life and let's chat.