Autore Croccantini - Nut Brittle with Chocolate

Autore Croccantini - Nut Brittle with Chocolate


Croccantini means 'crunchy little bite' in Italian - a crunchy praline nut base covered in chocolate.


The classic Italian croccantino is a crunchy core of almonds and/or hazelnuts brittle laced with caramel. Its sweetness is perfectly balanced by a thin coating of extra fine dark Valrhona chocolate.


Comes in assorted flavours of: pistachio, honey, fig, coconut, mint, gianduja and coffee. Flavours are selected at random and unfortuantely we cannot accomodate specific requests.


15g each


Autore craccantini are part of a long tradition of artisanal chocolate making in San Marco dei Cavoti, a picturesque village that is about one hour driving from Naples.


These croccantini are made with the very finest Valrhona chocolate from France which is then combined with typical local ingredients and flavours such as pistachio, citrus fruits, figs and honey.


Consider pairing with coffee, passito sweet wine and premium spirits (whisky, rhum, cognac).