Domori - Colombia 70%

Domori - Colombia 70%


If I had to pick a favourite brand in the world it is Domori from Italy!


A Trinitario type of cocoa whose name encompasses the fascination and mystery of ancient Teyuna, the "lost city" of the natives brought to light by archaeologists in 1976 at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia. 


Delivers a rare sweetness and fineness, with notes of cashews and an aftertaste of honey.


Block Size: 50g


Trinitario cacao is an aromatic cacao. It represents around 8% of the global harvest. Trinitario is a hybrid of Criollo and Forastero cacao, combining some of the aromatic and sensory features of the former with the vigor and high yields of the latter.


Domori has recovered this precious variety of cocoa, which it collects from the plantations located between Latin America and Africa: in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Madagascar and Tanzania.