Domori - Ecuador 70%

Domori - Ecuador 70%


If I had to pick a favourite brand in the world it is Domori from Italy!


During tasting, this chocolate delivers you distinct flavours of white flowers and elegantly unfolds into a blend of dried fruit, spices maintaining an extraordinary roundness, characteristic of the purity of this Arriba Nacional bean.


Block Size: 50g


Grown in the Hacienda Victoria stands on lands considered sacred, where the cocoa culture has  been a tradition for more than two thousand years thanks to particularly favourable climatic conditions that alternate periods of rain with periods of drought.


Here, thanks to the vision of Andres Guzman and Charlie Garcia, it was possible to build a modern and avant-garde plantation with the aim of protecting Arriba National cocoa, whose cultivation in purity is now extinct.


Hacienda Victoria also actively contributes to the development of the local community,  building schools and paying for teaching materials to increase the level of education.