Guido Gobino - Hazelnut - Giandujotti Classic


To make these silky smooth chocolates, Guido Gobino grind hazelnut, sugar and chocolate together until they form a delectably smooth and unique milk chocolate experience, with the delicate flavour of PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts (the best in the world) and sweet notes of fine milk and roasted caramel.


This is a very specialised product, produced in low volumes by one of Italy's leading chocolate manufacturers - Guido Gorbino. Guido Gobino produces their giandujotti with an extrusion method that makes each chocolate unique.


Made from exceptional chocolate, Piedmont hazelnuts (the best in the world) and ethically sourced milk.


Giandujotto is the first ever wrapped chocolate in history and it was born in Turin, Italy in 1863 and is the most famous of all of Turin’s chocolatier traditions.


The availability of these beautiful giandujotti is strictly limited. Once they're gone, they're gone.

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