The Perfect Risotto Experience


The perfect risotto is an art form! One that can be perfected with this authentic Italian risotto hamper.


We have carefully selected the best genuine Italian ingredients to help you on your perfect risotto journey and have also included authentic Italian sporks to help you enjoy more - the spork is a little deeper than a fork, and is perfectly designed to scoop up a little more risotto at every mouthful.


You will also receive the perfect recipe along with fascinating risotto information to take your foodie experience to the next level - oh and a little Italian chocolate indulgence for after dinner!


All beautifully presented in our trademark quality gift box and ribbon - not a hint of cellophane in sight and with free standard delivery.


The perfect risotto just became easy!




  • Ferron Vialone Nano IGP Rice 1kg - the perfect risotto rice for achieving a rich and creamy risotto every time.
  • Caroli EVOO Olive Oil Tin 250g
  • Naturbosco Dried Porcini 30g
  • Borrometti Sciclian Fine Sea Salt 250g
  • Dried Rosemary 10g
  • Ferron Risotto Sporks x 2
  • Risotto ai Funghi Porcini Recipe Card (Porcini Mushroom Risotto)
  • Italian Chocolate
  • Gift Packaging - our trademark quality gift boxes with magnetic close lid, and luxury ribbon.
  • Standard Delivery (if required, express delivery option can be selected at check out).
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