Michel Cluizel - 63% Orange Peel

Michel Cluizel - 63% Orange Peel


A classic combination - dark chocolate and orange. However, the difference is this artisan bar offers up a beautifully balanced 63% bar filled with orange peel that delivers an elegant sweet, slightly acidic element.


In fact, Michel Cluizel carefully select orange peels specifically for their fragrance to aid the fine acidulous touches of this chocolate.


Award winning


Block Size: 100g


Michel Cluizel


Often referred to as 'The Goldsmith of Chocolate', Michel Cluizel is one of the finest chocolate makers in the world today. Creating superior quality chocolates since 1947 and as a true 'cacaofevier' (bean to bar maker). Producing single origin chocolate bars & gifts made with only high quality, pure ingredients, without vegetable fats and using only 100% cocoa butter and Bourbon vanilla pod in replace of flavouring.

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