Virtual - Whisky & Chocolate Pairing

Virtual - Whisky & Chocolate Pairing


Chocolate and whisky are a wonderful pairing combination when done well.


Join us, to indulge in the world's best chocolate (the top 2% in the world) expertly paired with three diverse whisky's - from Scotland and Japan.


Over the course of 90 minutes, we take you on a fun, informative and indulgent journey.


First, you learn about what makes the world's best chocolate so special, and the effort that goes into making great whisky.


Armed with this knowledge, we then get you playing - learn the art of tasting with three leading whiskies, and six of the world's best chocolates - indulging all five senses.



  • 4 x chocolates (~40g each)
  • 3 x whiskies from Scotland  & Japan (~50ml each)
  • 90 minute pairing experience
  • tasting notes
  • beautiful gift packaging


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One of the reasons whisky and chocolate play so well together, is when you’re talking good quality, they share a strong focus on quality that comes from origin, source ingredients, simplicity of ingredients, processing (generally specific and minimally processed) – all of which when well executed, culminates into nuanced, unique flavour profiles.


Must be over 18. Drink responsibly.



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